$TTOO study the chart (weekly chart) My thought process<—bullish indicators 1. A CV play(momentum) 2. No history of R/S 3. Huge bottom reversal candidate just by looking at the long-term chart 1. Two key identified patterns 1. Descending channel(white lines) 2. Descending wedge(pink lines) 2. Descending wedge’s resistance(the thicker pink line is key resistance to break) 3. ultimate gap fill is its long-term descending channel resistance (4.00-6.00+<— conservative PT) 4. Needs to break/close above the bottom descending channel’s resistance (old support), 0.95-1.07 short term gap fill 4. Psychology (why would they...) 1. release an ATM offering during a pandemic? 1. Products/increase operations/R&D 2. have heavy accumulation at strong support? 1. Bears failed to close under key support 2. Similar accumulation at strong support like in August 2019 3. excessively tweet/hint they are a CV player? 1. awareness
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