I called all of these names on April 6 and 4/5 of them closed over my final key resistance. Chart history tells me a lot about future price action. If you can successfully understand the chart’s technicals (patterns), volume, fundamentals, psychology, and momentum then you will be able to successfully predict future price action! $XSPA 0.27—> 1.16 (328%+ of potential gains) $TLSA 2.07—> 6.10 (194%+ of potential gains) $VUZI 1.34—> 3.30 (145%+ of potential gains) $OPK 1.17—> 2.85 (144%+ of potential gains) $COCP 0.69—>1.25 (81%+ of potential gains) The only one that did not close over my final resistance Note: I will be posting the daily chart for these tickers on the comments below to show you guys why I saw value in these names… the highlighted area is from the start of April 6 and beyond.
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