$ICBU Well ICBU'ers, the best we can do is let people know about Chia coin's release on Monday, and let them know that Chia Coin will be the main coin ICBU farms. It will be the premiere Proof of Space and Time based coin, traded internationally. We can ONLY show them the door though - it's up to them if they want to walk through it. It seems like the smarter of the crypto world has already taken notice given our nice 15-20% jump so far today. Let's see how long it takes for real money to start pouring in. Right now we have only 3billion shares ($15K is over 1 million shares...) This can RUN UP the second people take notice. once you start seeing millions of shares being transacted, you'll know it's no looking back time. this is the month we've all been waiting for! LETS GET IT! $EBON $SOS $CAN scmp.com/tech/big-tech/arti...