$PTI let’s put it in perspective, let’s forgo the Phase 2 data for a sec; as of right now PTI established a baseline in which it could compete moving forward with their continue results of already achieving “clinical benefit “ *They will initiate Phase 3 2020; this action will greatly add value to SP as this pushes ahead development of PTI drugs 428/801/808 *Prescribers have already stated they would use PTI as an alternative treatment option *PTI will advance to Drug Status late 2021 ; placing themselves as a market competitor against major CF drugs, including Vertex *5-10% market share equates to nearly 300m annually that is if they do nothing further, which brings me to my final piece of puzzle , PTI phase 2 matches or beats Vertex they have same opportunity to the 3B annual market share, so either way increase in SP is coming folks, gobble up and enjoy your Thanksgiving!🍺
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