$BNGO 4th Qtr Earnings Surprise estimated to be $6m by "my estimates" I factored in projected 70% growth. *This will put them to be on pace 2020 👇 Using annual avg growth rate 54% 1st Qtr 2020 6m x 54% = $9m 2nd Qtr 2020 9m x 54% = $13.86m 3rd Qtr 2020 14m x 54% = $21m 4th Qtr 2020 21 x 54% =$32m Total = 76m @ 27m os that is $2.81 eps but need count for debt/financing [25m] or adjusted 1.85 eps, if fully diluted at 60m os, then we are looking at -.15 EPS , which by 2021 they will most likely turn green/profitable. This is a major turnaround from where they stand today. I'm over exaggerating debt, I believe not all 25m is due. So most likely post green 2020. *76m annual revs PE 5x Industry Standard gives shareholder a fair market capitalization of around 380m MC 60m os fully diluted by 380 = 6.33 which stands above the original warrants that are in the money 6.12... *Assets also add value, that can equate to higher BO. So anything under $5 undervalued, I'm holding
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