$OBSV $PTI $BNGO $MEIP $FOMX I have been collecting and adding to my 2020 Bio List since November. I have narrowed down over 150 Bios to just over 40, that range from micro to macro stocks. I am still trying to cut them down to around 15-20 for the 1H 2020. I believe we will have another exciting year as we did last year, where hopefully you were able to achieve an overall +500%....I believe I ended with 94% win rate. Still holding many long term. I hope to have the list available on 1 page that can be viewed easily by end of this week. But as always, please do own DD. My list usually is a mix bag of both aggressive and conservative stocks that in the end balance each other to the point , you take on minimal risk. And, never trade without a plan. Have an exit plan once you placed your trade, even if that means taking a loss, and best of luck to 2020! I love investing in Bios and Healthcare. I believe there are cures or treatments to many of the diseases that plague us all.
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