$FCEL look everyone! Josh finally got here.👇Late to the party as usual. Was looking for the earnings date and locked himself in the closet. He’s raring to bash for the next few days, so let’s all try to humor him.
@GoodKnightIrene Good ol new 2021 ST accounts lol...I see you and me have been here since 2014. I see a Golden Cross forming on the week chart...I got this at a 1.11 average before the first golden cross happened on the day chart. Been waiting for the week chart Golden Cross to happen..which is very close...these new traders act like kids. Just because we went through a market pulled back for a few months doesn't mean it will continue forever. Plus the market goes through cycles. And when the market gets HOT which its starting too...some insane moves can happen out of nowhere. And I love pull backs because some of the biggest moves can happen once the stocks starts moving up again...especially when they made previous highs as targets for new breakouts points. And the way a stock can move is not always rational and usually emotional. People look where the volatility is and will pile in when the big moves start happening.