$TELL You will see a lot of nonsense posted. Plenty of turd burgers who enjoy watching other positive people have negative things happen to them. It’s their happy place. Negativity is like cancer. Negative people have a great host with TELL. One problem. Souki is no normal operator. This stock is going to see saw but the up side of this see saw is gaining weight. As Souki and his team keep adding weight, the bearish types need to survive on negative news (hasn’t really been any) or proffering bullshit within the vacuum of information. The former could happen while the latter will simply be corrected when new announcements are made. TELL, within the vacuum of unknowing, might, might, be chartable, but as soon as announcements come, the charts are all shit. My thoughts: A flurry of announcements will be coming in between now and EOM August. While my July calls turned to shit, my August friends may be in very good shape. Be patient and enjoy this ride.