$RMO $NKLA $GOEV $RIVN $WMT Good info here. Especially if you know about Wal-Marts current delivery program through a third party called Spark. They have been laying the foundation for few years. I can definitely see a fleet of canoo vehicles at every Walmart within another 2 years for local delivery
$GOEV This HAS to retest it's $WMT news high and then some. The whole EV sector has clearly become winners and also rans and almost BKs (see $NKLA buying $RMO). I thought this was going to be an also ran, but $WMT has the chance to buy from ANYONE and choose $GOEV. In my mind that makes them on par with $RIVN. The two largest retailers in the country chose these two suppliers. Nothing against $RIVN but if you compare by market cap this one is a layup. Do you think $WMT will stop at 4,000 vehicles? If you are a smaller company wouldn't you consider CANOO just based on the fact that $WMT is purchasing? I sure would.
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