You can either believe anonymous online pumpers or someone with a third party verified top stock picking history: #181 out of 7,133 bloggers. You don't like Seeking Alpha writers, well I'm at least one of the better ones out there. $INPX - do not buy this junk. It's a dilutive mess and just forever going to go down until it stops with these toxic financing deals: $FCEL - it's not junk like INPX, but it has a bad recent history of dilution. It went up a lot recently on hype now all of a sudden there are a million renewable energy experts saying its great. Orion, it's toxic financier, will be selling shares soon: My last long pick from 2 months ago, $TORC is up 53%. My next long pick is $PECK. An actual profitable renewable energy stock. Still high risk but oversold imo. So if you want to try to make money, try buying an oversold profitable company instead of chasing FCEL or INPX:
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