$BLPH For all the investors at the edge of a cliff, I will post this again. This is BPTH's price history from a year ago. Do you notice a similar pattern so far with price movement and volume? Here's the thing. Shorts, especially retail shorts think they are 10/10 when it comes to stock market expertise and intelligence when in reality they are 5/10. They blindly short any money-losing company that's up in expectation of an imminent financing and think they are so smart for doing so. When it doesn't happen or a follow up news event happens first like it did with BPTH, the stock squeezes harder than it originally would have. When looking at stocks like this you have to analyze the likelihood of a secondary. It's three days in and we still haven't seen anything yet, plus the CEO stated that the company is looking at alternative forms of financing given the situation. There is no 100% guarantee in anything, but I very much like my odds here on BLPH.
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