$CFRX the company and the CEO are legit, he was the founder and former CEO of Seres Therapeutic that recently went from $4 to $35, I know because I owned it. A PHD clinician attested that the CEO is an outstanding scientist. The science is based on the work out of the Andrew Fischetti Labs at Rockefeller University rockefeller.edu/our-scienti.... Fischetti is a world leading expert in weaponizing Lysins to kill bacterial resistant strains. In their Phase 2, the company achieved a 40% efficacy over standard of care in MSRA patients and the company advance their Phase 3 in MSRA population only almost guaranteeing them to pass futility and exceed 20% efficacy which would be the first time ever a non antibiotic has achieved and decades since an new antibiotic which is significant. I suspect that Garda will award a sizable grant to this company. Fasten your seatbelts longs and caution not to sell your shares to the “Con”.
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