$ACRX Caught MY attention! Charles Lee - Chief of Plastic Surgery and Director of Reconstructive Microsurgery, St. Mary's Medical Center, San Francisco "It is quite painful. With DSUVIA, my patients are reporting pain levels of zero to one, with previous pain levels at five to eight. I actually had one patient dosed with DSUVIA describe abdominal liposuction is feeling like a deep-tissue massage, which I can guarantee you I have never heard before. Another patient for whom I did a liposuction procedure for a male gynecomastia, which is a condition where men have excess of breast-like tissue on their chest, did not even flinch when I performed power-assisted liposuction on his chest and removed over 300 CCs on fat on each side. In my past experience, liposuction of the chest was very painful, even with significant tumescent anesthesia over the chest area." WORD is going to get out: "There are approximately 7,000 Board-certified plastic surgeons here in the US...
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