$PHIL I want to give more hope to folks who have been patiently waiting for PHIL to take off. Follow this thread. I looked at Henry’s tweets for a year and this is my analysis. Henry caused delays (you can call broken promises if you want to) in some cases where he said something would happen in the future (like 6 months later). Good example is APR dividend and buybacks by Dec 31. But always he delivered when he said something is upcoming or imminent. I remember many people doubted he will file all reports to become current, even though he said it was coming. He said upcoming exciting news in Sept and in few days announced Five Grain. (I realize many were not happy at that time because the deal was not yet closed. That day is coming up). So now he has promised upcoming news on VinaFilms and Five Grain. This will happen 100%. It will 100% not be a delay. Now whether it will meet ALL high expectations, I don’t know. Still it will be net positive 100%. Screenshots below.