$TLRY been watching this for the last month and made a great chunk of money on an overnight swing of 8K shares long above $10. BUT I starting to notice that there was no REAL buying support, just algos and retails chasing it up and down. Now for the last while it's just tracking the S&P, or SPY for that matter. goes down disproportionally greater and bounces back disproportionately less with each movement. Just resembles a stair stepper. AND it broke below any technical indicators I use. This is my primary thesis for being SHORT. SURE a news flash or PR could crush me, but that is a low % bet. I Will see, but my target is below $7.00. I'll take half my short off on that test. if comes. GLTA. Hope you longs crush it. All too often LONGS get the short and of the stick. good luck
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