$EKSO I have to be honest, it's kind of bumming me out that with the $3.7 million net quarterly loss on revenues of $1.9 million they're going to have to triple revenues in order to turn a profit. $1.7 million of that revenue was Ekso NR (16 units, 7 of them by subscription). Even with multiple unit sales at some sites, tripling sales to ~48 units/quarter is going to be a stretch. As for the $200 K in EVO sales, it seems like they're still in the trial stages with potential customers (dry-wallers and solar installers were two potential customers mentioned). I'd be a lot happier about EVO prospects if they were trialing with Amazon, Boeing or some ship building enterprise. The good news is they've got $49.5 million in the bank so at this burn rate we've got ~ three years before they have to do another round of financing.