$HPIL There are many ways to dilute or be forced to. GPL like arrangements are classic. Gpl actually makes the company pay for the pumpers to post. Then there are toxic lenders which take shares for fees to give LOCs.. HPIL has a blatant history of shares going off in every direction. Good to remember that SB has mutual business partners that were involved with HPIL's recent bankruptcy. Actus and various toxic lenders take initiation fees constituting large number of free or discounted shares. In OTC it is common to have third party wing wink deals initiated by the toxic lender to pump the stock. Right here you see a band of ever changing names that do no DD and pump. And GPL was just CHARGED by SEC in doing the same thing. GPL is associated with HPIL via past notes. And now the mysterious delay in pink current and 5 billion shares "missing".