$NLST the reason people are throwing around damage figures both in the 1b and 10b+ ranges is it's all highly subjective in the end: -Approximated lost business/market share over the past 12-13 years. Would Google have even become Google without the patent? Or just Yahoo 2.0, with a good idea, great design, but lacking the technology to execute it? How much of a player would NLST have become with a steady patent revenue stream allowing them to grow their business all along? A judge has to decide what's the most likely way things would have played out. IMO, Netlist needs to show it had good ideas & tons of growth potential at the time to see 10b+ awarded, rather than just a claim to the patent. -Damages due to unsavory legal practices by Google early on in the suit. There was truly some Better Call Saul stuff going on that's been exposed. Any other actions determined to not be in good faith help the case for a more stern decision against Google.