$AMD We're at the middle Bollinger Band on the daily and positioned to bounce up, don't get too confident though, they can go sideways forever. Just look at BTC if you doubt that. Been grinding that ceiling for weeks refusing to go down. They need to fill in volume above 98.5 and below 96 on the 13 day. They need much more volume above than below on the cumulative timeframe, and we are poised to bounce up and head for the 200SMA. Too easy and too obvious, especially with GS or whoever it was called for a 112 target. 112? Really? That should be child's play for this year. Makes me think they published that so it would go right to it sooner rather than later. We could hit 112 by September easily if they wanted to. They should be working up to 123 for a breakout from there for EOY profit taking. Since it looks so damn good and obvious, run a tight stop because they are probably going to bend us over again. That's what all this volatility is about, shaking out retailers.
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