$MNKD elaborating "shots on goal" -/thoug Martine had said prior upon approval the transfer would be a total move to a dpi from a nueabalizernot being familiar w neabalizer pharm kinetic/safety profile etc, there is always a possibility that dpi may not be approved for all/any or as many indications as tyvasso - just bc martine says fda has communicated otherwise does not mean it happens - the reality is, and martine knows this, as would anyone who spent even 20 minutes reading just lqdas candidate, all things being even on an efficacy standpoint, unless the patient population of the multi intended patient populations have a BIOcellular structure that is INHUMAN, a dpi made from fdkp is the preference for any patient(unless you get off on spending a lot more of your personal time 9 times for up to ten minutes from an immobile box vs just once or twice(few seconds) anywhere. here's the problem - w respect to pharma - it's not about making consumer happy - if it were novo loses etc
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