$TRNX well now we know why Scott had to raise 20 million by himself. The Turks wouldn’t pay up front for the Arcs. Seems like the deal is still on though.
@Dpatte1 but why are they only being sold for $4 million a unit instead of $5.5 million. They are only even at $4 mil because if alterations instead of $3.75 million. On top of that a 300kw unit was sold for only $2.3 million. I'm just trying to figure out what these units are actually going to be sold for as everything they have said about them is misleading. No transparency
@iambaron @Dpatte1 here is old info. they get paid 5 million for the >>>>>" first "<<<<unit. Total deal 18.75 million for total of 5 units but that total was updated to 20 million few months ago on upgrades for there area. People are confusing thinking they got paid 20 million for 1 unit complete which people can't read it seems like..... the other 4 units they will get paid like 3.75 million if you do the math
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