$FSR Calling it a night. 7 days without electric was well, pretty crummy. I am busted more than usual. We did get electric back today though, so I am calling it a night. Really looking forward to Thursday evening. I will have the coffee ready with my Fisker Mugs. Also, we talked to the doctor yesterday. All tests are back (and boy did they take a LONG TIME). My wife has two issues. One, she is dealing with a really bad case of menopause that has her hormones out of whack in a major way. (This we expected) Two, her Thyroid has kinda gone nuts too. This we didn't know. She is being scheduled to see a specialist, no date yet. These two combined has caused her severe anxiety. I have seen anxiety at a personal level. I have never seen anything like what my wife was going through. VERY VERY SCARY. She was far removed from her normal self. Having said this, I knew if it wasn't along these lines, we were in BIG trouble. This is good news. Thanks for all the concerns and prayers. Cheers