$FSR Dirt simple example I like to use for the board but especially the newbies as there is a lot of false information being spread around on other boards for Fisker. In 2023 we will sell about 50k Oceans at an ASP (average selling price) of 55k. So 55k x 50k / 320 million shares x 15 P/S (15 should be LOW for where we will be in our growth rate) = $129 So, by dirt simple math we should be AT LEAST $129 per share by EOY 2023. Now, the market is going to be looking about six months ahead at this point and we will be releasing three more models in late 2024. Combine three more models with a much higher and likely P/S ratio, the odds of us trading well above 129 by EOY 2023 becomes very very likely.