$ZOM @IncisiveGuy "The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient." Warren Buffet I looked at ticker being hyped without news... You know what that means they're getting ready to sell to chasers who leave a bottoms to chase a tops. They'll take gains made there and Lickity Split be over here loading another bottom. And the Greedy & Impatient ..... well they'll be bagholders again. Making a .03 mistake at the beginning of one play is better than .50 mistake at the end of another. Vanguard holds 8 million ZOM shares purchase at .16 holds 200k of that play. They own 40 times as many shares of ZOM Zomedica I wonder which they truly believe in? The largest institutional stock holder there almost 453k The largest institutional stock holder here, over 15 million shares 33x as much. Even though these institutions investments in that ticker may have started out at double our PPS They just never put the large investment in there that they have here.
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