Here is an update re: Open positions. CURRENT LONG POSITIONS (these are for 6+ month holding. I might exit sooner but only if I see big spikes) Caveat: These stocks have the potential to fall further IF the general market sell-off extends further. Hence the averaging plan as below.. RIG: 1x at 1.38, 2x at 1.03. (3x pending at 0.75) SQ: 1x at 44, 2x at 35. (3x pending at 30 or below) UBER: 1x at 18.50. (Pending: 2x at 14 and 3x at 10 if UBER ever gets there. If not, skip) CURRENT SHORT POSITIONS (these are only for short term trading) TSLA 1x at 470 (pending 2x at 530, 3x at 600) Stop 635. Target: 350-360 NFLX 1x at 345 (pending 1x at 390). Stop 423. Target: Open No SPY or SQQ for now ..
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