$UBER Bunch of wallstreet guys trying to offload their ipo offerings and shares. Uber founder has exited, sold all his shares. Uber cofounder is off loading his millions of shares. Uber has lost half it's ATG engineers ( Advanced technology group ) responsible for building **autonomous vehicles**. Uber cut down few more Engineers last week. Ubers only solution is to go fully autonomous to achieve profitability, which is 5 to 10 years away and very much likely **WAYMO OR TESLA WILL HAVE ITS OWN FLEET OF AUTONOMOUS CARS** even before Uber. There won't be any use of just a app. Both TESLA & GOOGLE want their own Taxi service, won't sell to Uber. WAYMO running 600 l4/l5 fully autonomous/driverless cars/taxi in Arizona. They will soon introduce their own fleet of autonomous taxis all over US before Uber. Short UBER and LYFT. Don't fall for this cheap market manipulation. Long $MSFT, $TESLA, $GOOGLE (WAYMO)
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