$KTOV so much potential: In preclinical models, NT-219 demonstrated outstanding efficacy in preventing acquired resistance and reversing tumor resistance for a variety of approved cancer therapies. These include EGFR antibodies (Erbitux®), small molecular inhibitors of MEK (Mekinist®), mutated BRAF (Zelboraf®), EGFR (Tagrisso®, Tarceva®), and mTOR (Afinitor®), as well as chemotherapy agents such as Gemcitabine, Oxaliplatin, and Docetaxel. Preliminary synergistic effects were also observed in combination with immune oncology agents such as Keytruda®. Preclinical data has also shown that short exposure of cancerous cells to NT-219 is sufficient to trigger an irreversible shutdown of cancer pathways, resulting in a long-term anti-cancer effect.
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