$WKHS $NKLA Hinderburger bittch team of one solo SAD BEAR.....a little while back try to pull some shit on us . fortunately we WORKHORSE quickly defuse the false accusations because we had the technology, we have the real product already in production, a great partnerships, 10% stake in Lordstown motors, ETC ETC price drop a bit a quickly recover. Unfortunately for NIKOLA isnt the same, there isnt production, trevor is constantly caught on lying . I will definately agreed in the Fact that Hinderburger BITTch BEAR FIRM OF A SIMGLE PERSON ON IT!!! (YES IS ONLY ONE EMPLOYEE-THE FUCKFACE IN THE PICTURE BELLOW) is nothing but sad low life loser trying to profit out of fear from weak hands. But guys........again i said this to you......you are etter off joining us at Workhorse!! Good Luck
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