$SAFEMOON.X so if you read my posts on green days you’ll know by now my advice is to remember them on the red days. What I like to remember on days like today is just how much more than money I’ve gained from Safemoon. A few weeks ago there was a bit of a family crisis on Frankayyy ranch. I was in a dark place and sorta disappeared. Throughout the whole time I was gone I got messages, texts, mentions - all asking me how i was doing, where I was, if I was okay. It helped me so much to know that a bunch of people who were strangers two months ago noticed I was gone. I’ve made actual friends here I will remember the rest of my life, that’s something you can’t swap for on Pancake. That’s why I hate bears and fud. That’s why I always argue with shills. This room actually means something to me and sondo the 36k people watching. So when I say Safemoon Fam, I know it sounds sappy, but I mean it. Here’s to green candles and retirement parties!