AVGO ‹› ALGN ‹› AVGO › breaking out now . sitting right on support trend . ALGN › former parabolic breaking a clean trend on a catalyst of increased its geographic sales by a 3-digit % . 3-digit growth to its ebitda & bottom line increasing its moat focusing on its doctors & innovating products despite the restrictions imposed by the pandemic . hedge funds hold long positions . big names have jumped in . upper tier of key hedge fund managers adding already accumulated large positions . could spark a sentiment shift at the right time on the chart to cause a breakout reversal . some huge block buys that got my attention . another big runner right before the move . ALGN will be reporting its third quarter of 2021 financial results on 27-Oct amc . ALGN has outperformed earnings expectations on all four of its most recent earnings reports . ‹› $RPRX $VIPS $ADSK $FAS $PDSB ‹› top watch today . alerted yesterday
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