ALGN › back in. waaay oversold. loaded the dip sub 4. a fav rn among the gappers as it is setting up a massive range. 5 day consolidation above 200 ema. correction has begun. clear risk off at these levels. chart beat down & previous runner. almost rotated float PM. 2.3% short float & shorts are covering. with a float so small a break over resistance can send it back up to test $700 breakout level. volume coming in again. charts primed to go nuts. 57 hedges hold long positions. in sept big names jumped in & upper tier mm's added to already accumulated large positions. earnings forecasts fresh. earnings 27-oct amc. Align beat expectations on 4 of its recent earnings. watch for a momentum shift rn its finally setting up clear resistance & support. perfect daily 3 bar play setup WL › $SDGR $AEHR $PBTS $BTG $SMH