$LTBR Im in London and don’t really care what that lying sniveling piece of crap Seth has to say but here are some questions that will never be asked: A) When are one of you morons going to step up and buy some shares? B) The DOE obviously thinks you your plan to test a HALEU driven rod in a commercial reactor using conventional uranium is idiotic, a response moron Malone; C) What exactly happened to that utility contract hairplugs? It seems eerily similar to your statement back in 2016 that in early 2017 LTBR would be getting technology access fees? D) You have a DOE that is favorable, a stock market at all time highs and your stock is at an all time low, do you think this justifies a pay raise hair plugs? E) Are The 12 foot rods big enough for Ms Hairplugs? F) Malone is it true you were an ex Exelon flunky, unemployable with nowhere to go until Seth began to peg you Now you understand why I’m blocked
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