$SIRC okay, hear me out. I could be totally wrong but then again, if I'm interpreting this correctly, we "could" be on Nasdaq by this year. It did not dawn on me until just this morning while thinking about SIRC on Nasdaq because I just want us to get on Otcqb firstly as a start. I now recall when one of my other stock NOVN , which was on Nasdaq facing delisting because they couldnt reach the minimum bid requirement. After getting an extension, they moved over and listed under Nasdaq Capital, which is still Nasdaq but for small cap companies preparing for main Nasdaq listing once requirement is met. Digging more into Nasdaq(Capital) requirements, although there is a minimum bid of $4, it looks like there IS also an exception of a $2 minimum closing bid, as long as they have achieved a few other necessary requirement. So, what I'm thinking is, IF Nasdaq Capital was what David Massey was thinking about at first just to be on Nasdaq, there is a chance of Nasdaq by this year! πŸ˜…