$DNR $WTI $SLV There's something seriously creepy about the markets and the world in general as of late! The feeling you'd get when standing under a 20 ton rock that's ready to drop on your head but you don't know when or your sitting in a rocket ship ready to leave earth at 25,000 miles per hour but you lost communication with central command. So many geo-political catastrophes that are ready to happen around the world including our own American elections that's waiting to happen in less then 100 days. I mean, what the fuck is going on with China?! Did they lose their mind! A war waiting to happen with China?!?! Really? And all the mysterious explosions in Iran?!?! Wtf... Who's behind them? When will Iran retaliate and to who even?! Then we got the rocketman in N. Korea! He's like a little kid with a big firecracker and he's dying to light that mofo! Now we got the dollar tanking?! How will all the markets or sectors within the markets react?! It's some crazy times! Revelations?!