$INO I've seen some speculation on this and I'm not sure how long some of you've been following Inovio but Dr. Kim has always said that he wanted to grow the company organically and that he felt the company would be worth ~$30 billion MC. That said, CEOs are like car salesman, but the company is revolutionary in its approach to treating diseases and has validated and delivered upon this approach as well in its data to date as an in vivo platform which can stand upon it's own or as an adjunctive therapy as well. Its taken time but now they've finally had INO4700 designated for Emergency Use in South Korea! Way cool! We're GLOBAL! Strategically, I think BP would find it difficult to take INO over unless the existential threat becomes so great. It may get to that point but I can see Inovio becoming as common as a brand name. Here's to a $30 billion market cap!
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