$SOS It is terrible that our economics has come to this point. It is about divisiveness just like politics. Investing should be about the company and how well or not well it is doing. We should be studying fundamentals and talking about when the new rigs start churning in money. Instead it has become a game of who can rig the system the best. I'm not sure how Fund Managers have gotten away with manipulating the system for so long, but it shouldn't be about rigging the system either way. Invest in the company if you believe it is worthy of your investment, otherwise don't and go away. Why are we so bent on putting up hateful things and hoping that the other side gets destroyed. We all do it and it seems so futile. I want SOS to succeed because I believe that they will be successful in the long run. Simple as that. I set my ask price with Diamond Hands, because I do not day trade. I will wait until it hits my asking price or it truly does not live up to my expectations. GLTA