$AMZN received my Amazon Halo today; now I understand why AMZN didn’t buy $FIT. Although I haven’t done a deep dive yet, here’s what I like so far: *I can wear the tracker and my regular watch and not have to chose either or, or look geeky wearing what appears to be two watches (most Fitbits have a screen, the Halo looks like a bracelet made from crafty material). It’s also swim friendly. *The app, hands down, is the best on the market. It offers video content, food & workout plans, challenges, audio for meditation, sleep tracking, activity tracking, heart rate, & uses your camera to scan your body to give stats that are equally accurate as my smart scale. It also has a feature that scans your voice to read your mood/anxiety levels & how others may be receiving your tone. I don’t think that I’ll use that but I understand the relevance. It doesn’t have a Community feature, but that’s ok with me. They literally thought of everything. $WW $HLF $GOOG
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