$PFE no matter what anyone says this stock is purely manipulated to make absolute certain everyone loses their hard earned money... while I’m still an advocate for the vaccine as I have received both my doses I firmly believe those behind the price movement are pure garbage.... it’s disgusting and pathetic to watch people take such huge losses week after week... literally this vaccine is a game changer (1 of the only 2 thus far) during the deadliest pandemic of our time with huge orders flowing in and the price takes a shit?? Go figure?? Total manipulation on the backs of those suffering such huge losses financially, emotionally, personally already. Shame on Pfizer! For the record I don’t hold any stake in this game currently, as I was burned (very small) a few weeks ago and lost all trust in these thieves! And I give 2 craps about “market cap, earnings date” and any of that technical BS.... these people are untrustworthy thieves.
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