$BYFC The author of the highly biased story on Reddit that started this mess made a ton of money. He crafted it perfectly for the racial strife and Juneteenth. He made sure to buy plenty of shares first and sold at the height of the controversy. The story DID mention that the black bank CEO lends to clients with average assets of $7 million, but most of us just ignored that. That's not exactly serving the urban community directly, is it? Before all this, Sugarman had a reputation as an activist for minority empowerment. Hmm. Did anybody read the SEC filings where Sugarman asks questions like, how many loans were actually made to black or Latino clients? That doesn't sound like he's a racist c*nt, as written often by one user on StockTwits. Sugarman was requesting that the bank be more direct by helping minorities, not the millionaire developers. All in all, Sugarman is probably no angel, but the author at Reddit played us by painting him as the bad guy. The Reddit guy is who I blame.
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