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    Geo CY Joined Oct 05, 2012

    CEO: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? My reply: In your seat. ;)


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      Siva Kasi
      Trading Investing Sharing Learning. Twits are Just Twits not recommendations from me. God Bless ALL Bulls and Bears!! Yes! Very Passionate!!!!! Hunt goes on with relentless quest!! Knowledge is the only Universal Truth and is Power.
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      Turk in SOBE
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      Ned Graham
      standing desk. screen time. patience. curation matters. "Some traders are born with an innate discipline. Most have to learn it the hard way." J. Welles Wilder, Jr.
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      Humberto Alvarez
      I short. A lot. I subscribe to email promotions and proceed to short the stocks they promote :-) Trade spy qqq & vix accordingly too ;-) cheers!
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      Sand Baby
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      Chris Thornton
      Looking to profit from people's over reactions to things
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      Apollon Limassol
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      Stephan Stylianides
      Swing/position trader. Bought my first stock in 2008 and had no idea what I was doing. Studied the markets since then and began trading successfully since 2012.
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      Warren P
      I focus on energy plays including precious metals. I am an event and TA driven trader. I know nothing everything is my opinion.
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      Entrepreneur, self employed. Stock trading is the game of survivor. You have to outwit and outplay the big $ manipulation and insiders. Timing of the trade is your key to success! Know who to trust, and listen to just a few on ST.
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      Drew Eastmond
      Senior programmer & entrepreneur in web and gaming. This gives me a unique perspective able to decipher between BS and legit news. I always research my stock heavily while invested. I expect to ride the gaming and mobile trend until it plays out.
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      Dan Hoeg
      Tell me something I don't know.
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      Becky Hiu Official Account
      Fundamental and technical trader. This is the personal Twitter account of Becky Hiu and is not connected in any way to a professional designation or vocation. Opinions are my own. Trade at your own discretion.
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      Derald Muniz Official Account
      Public and private equity investor for over 20 years.
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      Professional risk taker & risk manager. Equity trader. Christian. Husband. Father. Libertarian. Underdog. Traveler. Always in a hurry. Never perfect. Habenero addict
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      Rahul Sharma Official Account
      Global consumer & retail fund manager for sixteen years in NYC, London, Singapore. All things from cars to handbags & soda to smokes
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      richard davis
      I enjoy trading both stocks and options. my style is more of a swing or position trader.
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      The Java Pit Trading Room
      93% of our whispers for 2014-2016 made $$$ by following THE DARK POOL. The stock whisperer is on tour across the US with the Money Show and The traders expo. She teaches while she trades live in her online trading room