$ZM Good evening my retail brethren: Zoom numbers last earnings report were a double of the prior quarter. Now what you can expect is 50% to 100% doubling of the prior quarter, AGAIN, this quarter This business is the underlying technology being used for collab and sales, and all other forms of communications during Covid. ZOOM IS THE FACE FOR COLLABORATION DURING THE PANDEMIC. It's being promoted as such all over the media. Therefore, what to expect re: earnings slated for 11/30? EXPECT Revenue of $900M-$1B EXPECT a blowout in EPS (estimate is $0.92, if I'm not mistaken) EXPECT A BEAT and RAISE for the remainder of the fiscal year POSSIBLE (raise of next fiscal year) EXPECT THE POSSIBILITY FOR THIS STOCK TO GO OVER $600 after earnings GO LONG ZOOM PT: $600+ BUY DA DIPS I-AM-DA-TRUTH
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