$CYDY I keep reading LL is going up that the leader of a country has been saved that we will get EAU but it just keeps going down. I am getting ready to take a substantial loss. I should have done more dd instead of being swayed by constant pumping here. I keep hanging on I want to believe in LL to just believe in the science ignore the terrible mismanagement but my only reward is constant unbearable losses and then to come hear for some hopeful positive information and just read how many shares someone has bought and that it is going to the moon an that the shorts are getting killed. Why can't someone give some positive information based on science and not some trial that showed a result that didn't even beat a placebo! I am tired of reading the whole world is against us that it is the fault of FDA that some big pharma is afraid of us. That we will be listed immediately by the Nasdaq and the reason we aren't succeeding it someone else's fault.
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