$MP US Urgently Needs To Challenge China's Chokehold On Rare Earth Materials zerohedge.com/geopolitical/... -The US Air Force's most advanced fighter jet, the F-35, requires about 1,000 pounds of REM -The most profitable REM site in the US is Mountain Pass Mine in California. Potentially, the most valuable US site is an area in West Texas which contains 16 of the 17 known rare earth materials. Some of these REM and their related end products include: * Barite - fracking process for natural gas extraction * Cerium - camera lenses for telescopes * Dysprosium - magnets in electric vehicles and wind turbines * Erbium - nuclear power plant rods * Europium - lasers * Gallium - semiconductors * Lanthanum - specialized lighting * Lithium - batteries * Praseodymium - jet airplane engines * Promethium - batteries for nuclear powered systems * Yttrium - laser-guided missiles and bombs.
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