$GMIIU 🚨 SPAC RUMOR 🚨 BLOOMBERG: Short-term rental startup Sonder is in talks to go public through Gores Metropoulos II in a deal that'd value the combined entity at >$2.5 billion. bloomberg.com/news/articles... GMII | Gores Metropoulos II, Inc. gores.com/ Status: Searching Focus: Consumer Products and Services IPO: $400M IPO Date: 1/20/21 W/Split: 3/15/21 Leadership: Dean Metropoulos (Exec Chairman, Hostess; Fmr Director, Pabst Brewing Co), Alec Gores (Founder of The Gores Group) Underwriter(s): Deutsche Bank, Citigroup SEC: sec.gov/cgi-bin/browse-edga... U: [1/5 W]; W: [1:1, $11.5]