@gnillish_00 @Chuck_the_Buck @ThatsWhatSheSaid_ Will you call them and confirm this? Curious as to what answer you get in a separate inquiry. One of my accounts is with TD. When I recalled this codicil of my margin agreement, I reached out to them with a note seeking to confirm. [Yes, I'm thorough.] Then I decided to call and they assured me it's only if I am 'utilizing' my margin capability. A few moments ago, I got a response to my note... 'I can confirm, that you are not borrowing any money at this time, which would mean we are not loaning out any of your shares. I apologize, but I am not sure I fully follow your second question. The only thing that would prevent the shares from being lent out, regardless of status, is if the account owner is not borrowing any money from the brokerage firm (TD). If there is a client who holds those shares with us and currently borrowing money from us, then those shares could be lent out to a short seller.'