@Alpha777 they are literally trying to impeach trump for a crime biden, their frontrunner, committed. their second place candidate is a communist, who visited the Soviet Union for his honeymoon. they are fucked and they know it. they pandered the the wrong crowd, and it bit them bad - the AOC far left morons. even pelosi cannot control them. the democrats only have blind hatred and name calling now because all the fabricated lies CNN and the other libtard networks have been feeding them nonstop has not played out. 97% negative news coverage against trump but everything going well. the only shit going on is due to people crying over their 2016 loss. trump once said "good morning" on his twitter feed and the top response was some guy saying "youre a rapist" they are literally insane. it is a mental disease. this country is fucked if this is how the democrats are going to handle every election loss... because at this rate it will be a lot $SPY
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