$IDEX was on my 11/15 MICRO CAP list going into the week and many of us in my Discord had position for the initial move, making gains. I say initial move because I believe this has more gas for next week! Follow and come to my Discord channel where I post these updated lists in a consolidated channel for easy viewing and access. I also post the lists on ST every Sunday going into the new week. It's free. Why did I pick it? Look at all of my charts here on $IDEX. In the top chart the deep orange ribbon had broken all the way to the bottom and last Sunday revealed to begin ascension, bullish. The bottom MACD and volume weighted MACD were the same, beginning to ascend. Is there resistance? Sure, at 1.75 but I think it's going to blow right past it next week. I guess we will see! 🌞 Have a nice day out there $IDEX shareholders and future ones as well.
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