$CDEV let’s try a little logic here before we go into a manipulated PH just before API and ER. If I were a shorter, what would I do ?(I mean apart from cheating on my wife, being a degenerate gambler, spreading STDs, stealing from the offering plate at church, slip and fall lawsuits, paying for multiple abortions for the housekeeper, swerving to run over the neighbors dog, knowingly walk into a nursing home with Covid, you know besides regular day type stuff) Id prob start by shorting WTI right now, then use the afternoon CDEV sell off to drop in 3 sets of 200K-700K share lots for $.10 discounts to current ask. Then publish an ER “preview” on Alpha or Moodys around 2:45 PM titled “what to expect”. Then drop 1.2 mil share lot at $3.27 (to break our typical support level). That’s what I’d do.