@gpaisa @Rallytrades Fair. I have a terrible AVG. sitting at 31.60 really annoyed with myself on how I played this one. Poor position sizing and averaging down instead of cutting losses resulted in way too much of my portfolio being tied up in here. Only have myself to blame. Frustrated as I thought I had moved past these type of mistakes. Not all lessons are free. That being said I am confident I will sell this in the green at some point...... Best of luck. 👍
@Rallytrades don’t be annoyed with yourself, that’s not productive and a draw on your mental capital. We all still make many mistakes, it’s hard not too and hardly anyone ever talks about it. I made one with my bynd trade. Let a big green position go red today. Happens to us all 😂 If you are confident you will be green, then figure out how to lower your cost. Maybe use call premiums in your favor.