$AYTU AYTU BIOSCIENCE COVID RAPID TEST – JUST GOT APPROVED BY FDA!!!!! finance.yahoo.com/news/aytu... pr-inside.com/aytu-bioscien... In the Coronatask briefing of 22 March Earlier, he said a test was approved (CEPHEID Covid test) that delivers the result in 45 minutes. And then that sentence happened. "And we're working to make testing faster." Moments later, Trump also mentioned the test (he most likely speaks of AYTU Covid Rapid Test), which delivers even faster and much easier results. He also used the word GAMECHANGER! THIS IS THE NEWS WE REALLY WAITED FOR!!!! - Gamechanger AYTU is ready to take off! The rocket launches... strap on people Take a look you won´t regret – how I love the CEO of AYTU youtube.com/watch?v=RVkKlBf... The article that changes a lot!!! denverpost.com/2020/03/20/c... that's why I'm spreading this news now... This is really a gamechanger and everyone should benefit from it, which has certainly also made a lot of losses due to the coronavirus so far.
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